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ENC Cells

ENC cells have been developed in conformity with the requirements of the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) S-57 Standard.
For the purpose of efficient data processing, ENC geographic covering is divided into cells for a particular use. Each cell covers a certain, exclusive identified area.

ENC Cell 1


Scale 1:2 000 000
Chart Scheme

No. No.
UA1F0005 UA1F0006

ENC Cell 2


Scale 1:500 000
Chart Scheme

No. No. No. No. No. No.
UA2BD008 UA2BD009 UA2BD010 UA2BE008 UA2BE009 UA2BE010

ENC Cell 3


Scale 1:200 000
Chart Scheme

No. No. No. No. No. No.
UA3AC450 UA3AD394 UA3AD421 UA3AD427 UA3AD456 UA3AD486
UA3AD368 UA3AD395 UA3AD422 UA3AD451 UA3AD457 UA3AD487
UA3AD369 UA3AD396 UA3AD423 UA3AD452 UA3AD482  
UA3AD391 UA3AD397 UA3AD424 UA3AD453 UA3AD483  
UA3AD392 UA3AD398 UA3AD425 UA3AD454 UA3AD484  
UA3AD393 UA3AD399 UA3AD426 UA3AD455 UA3AD485  

ENC Cell 4


Scale 1:50 000
Chart Scheme

No. No. No. No. No. No.
UA4CB900 UA4CC782 UA4CC876 UA4DC011 UA4CC884 UA4CC767
UA4CC871 UA4CC783 UA4CC877 UA4CC881 UA4CC820 UA4CC797
UA4CB870 UA4CC784 UA4CC878 UA4CC882 UA4CC794  
UA4CC841 UA4CC785 UA4DC007 UA4DC012 UA4CC795  
UA4CC811 UA4CC814 UA4DC008 UA4DC013 UA4CC796  
UA4CC812 UA4CC817 UA4DC009 UA4DC014 UA4CC765  
UA4CC813 UA4CC847 UA4DC039 UA4CC883 UA4CC766