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Notices to Mariners

Notices to Mariners (hereinafter referred to as NtM of Ukraine) is an official publication (48 editions per year) intended to inform mariners timely about all changes of navigational situation and regime of navigation. Governmental, legal, reference, navigational and other information is included into NtM in order to ensure safety of navigation in Maritime Region of Ukraine. All charts and sailing directions should be updated according to NtM of Ukraine in compliance with «Nautical Chart Symbols» No. 902 and «Symbology for Inland Waterways Charts» No. 908 issued by SHSU.

    The main purpose of Notices to Mariners is to inform mariners timely on:
  • important changes of navigational situation and regime of navigation in maritime region of Ukraine;
  • updated data for keeping nautical charts and sailing directions systematically up to date;
  • information about publication, republication and withdrawal from delivery nautical charts and sailing directions;
  • decisions and regulations for ensuring safety of navigation within Ukrainian waters.

Information support for safety of navigation in Maritime Region of Ukraine is provided by State Hydrographic Service of Ukraine.

Information promulgated in NtM of Ukraine is subject to compulsory implementation for mariners.

If purchasing SHSU publications from other institutions, SHSU is not responsible for reliability of obtained data.

More detailed information on how to purchase charts, publications and NtM of Ukraine you may obtain at our address.

The list of Notices to Mariners editions followed by current updatings to nautical charts and inland charts.

NtM of Ukraine are distributed in accordance with the requests and concluded contracts.