No. Title Year of issue Type of publication Price per
unit in UAH,
VAT included
1 Nautical chart (A0 size) (with correction)   sheet 540,00
2 Electronic Navigational Chart*   file 412,50**
3 Cell of Electronic Navigational Charts*   file 412,50**
4 Updating to Electronic Navigational Charts**   file 90,00**
5 Paper nautical charts updating   sheet 132,00
6 No. 91001 World Ocean (A0 size) 2014 8 sheets 3540,00
7 No. 3002 Protected Areas and Objects in Ukrainian Waters of the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov (A0 size) 2015 sheet 510,00
8 No. 3003 World Time Zones Chart (A0 size) 2016 sheet 510,00
9 No. 3325 Dnipro River from Liubech to Mouth (A0 size) 2011 2 sheets 450,00
10 No. 3445 Danube River from Reni Port to Mouth (A0 size) 2011 2 sheets 450,00
11 No. 3504 Navigational River Chart of the Danube River from Reni Port to the Mouth (with updatings) 2011 album 2232,00
12 No. 3528 Navigational River Chart of the Nyzhnii Dnipro from Kakhovska Hydroelectric Power Station to the Mouth (with updatings) 2008 album 1260,00
13 No. 3529 Navigational River Chart of Kakhovske Reservoir from Dniprovska Hydroelectric Power Station to Kakhovska Hydroelectric Power Station (with updatings) 2010 album 1620,00
14 No. 3530 Navigational River Chart of Dniprovske Reservoir and the Samara River from Novomoskovsk to the Mouth (with updatings) 2009 album 1470,00
15 No. 3531 Navigational River Chart of the Kamianske Reservoir and Vorskla River Mouth (with updatings) 2011 album 1590,00
16 No. 3532 Navigational River Chart of Kremenchutske Reservoir from Kanivska Hydroelectric Power Station to Kremenchutska Hydroelectric Power Station (with updatings) 2011 album 1740,00
17 No. 3533 Navigational River Chart of Kanivske Reservoir from Kyivska Hydroelectric Power Station to Kanivska Hydroelectric Power Station (with updatings) 2007 album 1480,00
18 No. 3534 Navigational River Chart of Kyivske Reservoir, Dnipro River from Loiev to Kamaryn, Prypiat River from Usivske Reach to Chornobyl (with updatings) 2012 album 1770,00
19 Album of Nautical Charts “Odesa to Bosporus Strait. Navigational and Hydrographic Overview” (WGS-84 Datum) (without updatings) 2017 album 570,00
20 Album of Tourist Nautical Chart for Route Odesa — Kerchenska Strait (Water Area of Crimea Peninsula) (CK-42 Datum) (without updatings) 2006 album 111,68
21 Album of Tourist Nautical Chart for Route Odesa — Bosporus (CK-42 Datum) (without updatings) 2005 album 98,52

- Updatings is included into price.
- All the navigational charts of Ukrainian portfolio are bilingual: Ukrainian-English.
- CIP delivery is carried out within the time period agreed with the Customer.
- Delivery is made according to previously submitted requests.
* Electronic navigational charts are sold in accordance with the concluded contracts.
** Price is indicated for single electronic file.