Regulations, instructions, standards, books of reference

«Nautical Chart Symbols» No. 902

Publication represents nautical chart symbols up to International Standard INT 1 (1992) seeing national specifics of nautical charts.

«Nautical Chart Symbols» is a collection of formalize system notions covering hydrographic and navigational features of water areas. It is a government standard conformed to the International Specification Standard on Nautical Chart Display seeing national specifics. Publication contributes to users so far as a lot of information is charted by new symbols on Ukrainian nautical charts, as specified in International Standard for nautical chart content specification.

Publication is intended to ease the use of nautical charts. It is of service to naval mariners, navigators of commercial and fishing fleets, private vessels, cadets of naval colleges and nautical schools, students of universities and specialized secondary schools dealing with cartography and hydrography are studied.

«Description of Maritime Buoyage System in Ukrainian Waters. IALA System. Region A (Red to Port)» No. 903

«Description of Maritime Buoyage System in Ukrainian Waters» is an invaluable aid for mariners and navigation aids specialists.

It contains information on floating marks, colours and shapes of topmarks, character of lights, placement rules to buoy navigational dangers, fairways and channels established for Ukrainian waters according to the IALA Maritime Buoyage System, Region A (Red to Port).

«Maritime Buoyage System in Ukrainian Waters. IALA System. Region A» No. 904

Publication is edited in form of booklet that contains brief description of provisions of Maritime Buoyage System in Ukrainian waters, describes its shape, colours and lights. It is of service to mariners and navigation aids specialists.


«Symbology for Inland Waterways Charts» No. 908

Publication contains symbols for inland waterways charts which are used to compile paper navigational river (pilot) charts.

Graphical aspect of symbols for inland waterways charts are based on Inland ECDIS Standard 1.01 developed on the grounds of the S-57/V3.0 Standard complemented by the elements concerning rivers.


«Navigational and Reference Tables for Navigators» No. 909

The publication contains navigational and reference tables designated in response to navigation challenges.
Tables were developed on the grounds of "Nautical Tables" (MT-75) and act as navigational and training manual.

Mariners, navigators, navigation officers and students of relevant colleges and academies are to make use of the tables.


«List of Current Temporary and Preliminary Notices to Mariners of the State Hydrographic Service of Ukraine» № 910

The List contains texts of the current temporary and preliminary Notices to Mariners of Ukraine for the previous years as well as numbers of charts to be updated under these NtMs. In the NtMs cancelled partially only effective points are indicated with their numeration kept.

«Instruction on Nautical Charts and Publications Correction on Locality Basis» (ІКМ-2005) No. 918

Instruction is subject to compulsory implementation for hydrographic branches of SHSU during correction works. Expedition research vessels under responsibility of other institutions may use the instruction as well if dealing with nautical charts and publications correction.

«Regulation on Procedure of Oceanographic Research in the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov» No. 920

Regulation controls oceanographic and hydrographic operations within sea territory under the jurisdiction of Ukraine.

«Instruction on Hydrographic Works Technical Directions and Reports» (ІТП-2005) No. 932

Instruction is subject to compulsory implementation for hydrographic branches of SHSU in order to plan hydrographical, topographical and geodesic surveying. It regulates the procedure of field survey data submitting and receiving. Instruction shall be compulsory implemented by institutions conducted investigations contractually if SHSU use data of these investigations to compile and correct charts.

«Instruction on Requirements and Methods of Depth Contour Survey for Navigation Purposes» No. 933

Instruction is subject to compulsory implementation for hydrographic branches of SHSU to survey depth contour in order to compile and correct navigational charts and inform mariners operatively about detected navigational obstructions. It can be used as manual for students of nautical schools when studying the topic.

«Regulation on Numbering System of Paper and Electronic Navigational Charts, Inland Waterways Charts Guides, Nautical Publications and Documentation Forms» No. 934

Regulation represents numbering system of national paper and electronic nautical charts for areas of the World Ocean and the Black Sea – Sea of Azov Region, guides, nautical publications and documentation forms.

«General Provisions on Compiling Notices to Mariners» No. 935

Provisions consist of the requirements concerning Ukrainian NtM, represent procedure of information selection and NtM compiling, correction of charts and publications according to NtM, describe informational support of navigation safety as required by the International Maritime Organization within marine region of Ukraine arranged by SHSU that is national coordinator of NtM. Procedure of compiling, producing and promulgating of Ukrainian NtM is represented in the Provisions as well.

«Instruction on Incoming Technical Examination on Charting Hydrographic Works Data» No. 936

Instruction contains standard requirements for incoming technical examination of hydrographic data for charting assigned to check conformation of submitted data to valid instructions and regulation requirements, as well as availability to be used for correction of nautical and river (pilot) charts and publications. Instruction is subject to compulsory implementation for hydrographic branches of SHSU.

«Instruction on Compiling and Issuance of Coastal Warnings and Broadcasting to Mariners» No. 944

Instruction determines procedure of how to handle, compile, issue and broadcast navigational warnings in the form of NAVAREA, Coastal Warnings, Local Warnings and Navigational Reports.

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