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From January 1, 2022 the nautical chart national folio in the form of a base data disk file “BASE Disk” will be updated in order to prevent a critical increase in the update file “UPDATE Disk”.

The smaller size of the update file will allow users to reduce communication costs and quickly upload data to ECDIS.

All users will be provided with a new “Permit” for further work with the “BASE Disk”.

From January 1, 2022 the “BASE Disk” on your ECDIS shall be reissued in order to ensure navigational safety.


Electronic Navigational Chart Cells

On this page you can download the latest version of the nautical chart national folio in the form of a base data disk file “BASE Disk” and a file “UPDATE Disk” with their updates.

These files are created in accordance with the S-63 IHO Data Protection Scheme standard and are used in certain types of electronic cartographic information systems of (ECDIS).

The “UPDATE Disk” file will be updated with issue of a regular official edition of the Notices to Mariners of Ukraine (NtM of Ukraine).

Services for individual charts, as well as the terms of their use, can be selected by the user in any combination for a period of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.

    The service cost for one electronic chart is:
  • for 12 months – 780,00 UAH;
  • for 9 months – 708,00 UAH;
  • for 6 months – 600,00 UAH;
  • for 3 months – 360,00 UAH.


The BASE Disk file may be reissued upon availability of critical changes in the IHO standards, when the maximum size of the update file is reached, and if unauthorized use (hacking) of the data is detected.


The UPDATE Disk file is cumulative and consistent with respect to electronic chart updates. If one of the update files is not downloaded, then the latest “UPDATE Disk” file will contain all the data according to the published NtM of Ukraine from creating the base file to the last update.

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In order to familiarize a wide range of consumers with the products of the State Hydrographic Service of Ukraine as well as provide visual information on the overall geographic arrangement of cartographical load of charts, the site shows images of the official navigational charts.

All the cartographical images are scoping ones not suitable for use for navigational purposes. The SHSU does not bear responsibility if they are used for unintended purposes.

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