Nautical charts

Схема нарізки карт Схема нарізки карт Схема нарізки карт
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The nautical chart is designed to provide mariners with navigational and hydrographic information necessary for safe navigation.

We produce and publish both paper and electronic nautical charts at different scales based on up-to-date computer technologies.

Nautical Chart is an essential tool used for solving any navigational issues, such as examination, analyzing and selection of the data on navigational and hydrographic situation in the World Ocean. Depending on the chart scale and purpose, it may provide a detailed representation of the coastline, natural features of the seabed (soundings and isobaths), navigational hazards, sea floor grounds, aids to navigation, landmarks, fairways, areas prohibited for navigation as well as other elements necessary for safe navigation.

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Electronic Nautical Chart (ENC) is a dataset organized to represent the part of the earth’s surface and developed on the basis of cartographic generalization rules in appropriate coordinate and elevation systems. In other words, it is an encoded description of geographical reality displayed on a screen using software and hardware of electronic cartographic system.
Electronic nautical charts whose data are standardized as to content, structure and actual format for the exchange of hydrographic data, fully compliant with the special requirements and recommendations stated by the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) and are convenient to be used in electronic navigational systems. The following principles are the main ones:

  •  electronic nautical charts should have accuracy and fullness not less than paper nautical charts;
  •  data and updates for the chart should be provided in the standard formats which are officially adopted by the IHO;
  •  national hydrographic offices should bear responsibility for content and updates for ENCs;
  •  chart data and official updates should be saved unchanged in system memory;
  •  increasing, registration and extension of ENCs should meet the international rules for software.

All charts meet the updating requirements by providing timely updates.

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