Overview Charts

Overview and reference charts as well as overviews are auxiliary cartographic products, enabling users to get a general idea of navigational conditions of shipping on the Dnipro and the Danube rivers and get a wider knowledge of the World Ocean, zone time system and the nature reserve fund in the Ukrainian waters of the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov.

These are cartographic publications, having different subject matter and designation, containing information that is represented insufficiently or missing on charts, required for navigation conditions study, as well as some necessary data, which contribute to solution of navigational and other problems of applied and scientific nature. The auxiliary cartographic products are not used directly for navigation.

Overview charts of the inland waterways

The charts are destined for a general familiarization of users with the Dnipro River within the limits of Ukraine.

The charts are produced by the responsible State Hydrographic Service of Ukraine, based on the complex surveying and hydrographic work materials. Settlements, highways, railways, gas stations, parking areas, service stations, hotels are shown on the reservoir shorelines and adjacent area. Each 5 km marks are shown on the navigable pass, and floating aids to navigation are represented schematically.

The proposed cartographic product is issued in Ukrainian and English; it is destined for general public users.

ORC Title Scale Year of issue
3028 Dnipro River from Kakhovska Hydroelectric Power Station to the Mouth 80 000 2020
3029 Kakhovske Reservoir 160 000 2020
3030 Dniprovske Reservoir 80 000 2020
3031 Kamianske Reservoir 100 000 2021
3032 Kremenchutske Reservoir 130 000 2020
3033 Kanivske Reservoir 78 000 2020
3034 Kyivske Reservoir, Dnipro River from Liubech to Prypiat River Mouth, Prypiat River from Usivske Reach to Mouth 90 000 2023
3040 Pivdennyi Buh River 50 000 2020
3325 Dnipro River from Liubech to Mouth 650 000 2023
3445 Danube River from Reni Port to the Black Sea 85 000 2023

No. 91001 World Ocean

Overview chart «World Ocean» is a graphical reproduction of the Earth surface in Mercator’s projection. It traces settlements, routes of communication, fairways, scientific stations, natural features in the scope which corresponds to the chart scale. The combination of the contents elements doesn’t impair its readability. Land relief is reflected traditionally with bench marks and land lines with layer-by-layer hypsometric colour combination. Sea and ocean bottom is reflected in detail: ocean deeps, ridges and hollows are shown. Dimension of the bottom relief is reflected by isobaths and layer-by-layer colouring of depths gradation supplemented by «isobaths brightening». Bottom relief reflection is accompanied by typical depth marks of bottom relief forms with their proper names given in their current spelling according to the Dictionary of Geographic Names of Underwater Relief Forms. About 2000 legends of land features and more than 4000 hydrographic legends are represented in the chart. Graphically rendered ocean flows indicate direction of surface waters.

The chart is intended for a wide circle of users.

The chart is composed of eight sheets of general dimension 3,10 x 2,15 m.

The chart is issued in Ukrainian and English.

In order to familiarize a wide range of consumers with the products of the State Hydrographic Service of Ukraine as well as provide visual information on the overall geographic arrangement of cartographical load of charts, the site shows images of the official navigational charts.

All the cartographical images are scoping ones not suitable for use for navigational purposes. The SHSU does not bear responsibility if they are used for unintended purposes.

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