National guides, publications

Nautical publications are official editions assigned along with nautical and reference charts to provide mariners with navigational and hydrographic, hydrometeorological, astronomical and other necessary data, as well as international legal and reference information in order to maintain navigation.

Numbering system of technical publications is based on the principle of classification by purpose, thereafter all issued publications should be divided into nine classes as follows:

No. of class No. of publications in the class Classification by purpose
1 101-199 Sailing directions
2 201-299 Lights and beacons
3 301-399 Radio aids to navigation
4 401-499 Guides for navigation
5 501-599 Reserve group
6 601-699 Hydrometeorological atlases, charts, tables
7 701-799 Catalogues
8 801-899 Localization tablesbased on radionavigation systems
9 901-999 Position, recommendations, standards, reference editions

Account number is assigned to each documentation form and consists of capital Latin letters which are initial letters of English terms indicating scope of application, followed by Roman numeral number indicating serial number in the class (scope of application). Scopes of application of technical documentation forms:

Latin letter Scope of application
(Ukrainian term)
Scope of application
(English term)
N Навігація Navigation
G Геодезія Geodesy
Н Гідрографія Hydrography
AN Засоби навігаційного обладнання Aids to navigation
НМ Гідрометеорологія Hydrometeorology

In order to register information, the appropriate blank form is established for a document itemized under permanent No. in the scope of application, e.g. AN-26: capital letters indicate the scope of application - Aids to Navigation; number 26 marks serial number in the class (scope of application). If number of scopes increases, extra English letters are allowed to be used in the numbering system.

If new documentation forms will be established in any scope of application the serial number of a document increases.

If diverse forms of the same document are available, small Latin letters (a, b, c, d, e…) may be used following the numeral row on user’s demand. At the same time the original document remains valid.

Account number for a blank publication should be printed top right on a cover and top page of a log (blank).

If similar blank publication of other countries’ Hydrographic Offices is available, it is necessary to point out its catalogue number in brackets and country’s international code, e.g. AN-3 (CHO-3RU).

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